Cycling Review: Velochef

Today we take a look at Velochef, a cycling-specific recipe book by Team Sky Racing chef Henrik Orre.


We found this to be a really trendy cookbook. Orre divides his recipes into three sections; before training, during training and after training. Any cyclist or athlete will find countless recipe ideas to assist their training.

It’s refreshing to see a cookbook that does not contain meat or dairy in every recipe. Many of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan, or they can easily be modified for specific dietary requirements. What I liked was that Orre keeps it simple, and most of his recipes don’t have too many ingredients. He favours the basics such as oats, dates, almonds and linseeds; natural ingredients over processed and refined products. This is a nice change from a lot of healthy recipes, which send you to the supermarket to buy a bunch of expensive ingredients you’ve never heard of and will probably never use again.

The highlight for us was the section with recipes for snacks during training rides. There were some great recipes for energy bars that we can’t wait to try. Winners bars and Clif bars are delicious, but it is nice to have a cheaper alternative, that’s no doubt better for you too.

Aside from recipes, the book also gives a great insight into what it’s like being a chef on a Pro-Tour team. It’s fascinating to read about Orre providing nutrition for champions like Chris Froome. It makes me wish I had a personal chef following me around and cooking for me at work!

Orre also spends time in the book with some of Sky’s best cyclists, including Richie Porte. These snippets were a nice little addition that broke up the recipes in the book and made for a more entertaining read.

Velochef is a fine cookbook and would be a welcome addition to any cyclist’s kitchen. We highly recommend it.

Score: Polkadot Jersey

Do you have any cookbooks you use or would recommend? We’re always on the look out for new recipes to fuel our rides!


The scoring system explained:

Yellow jersey: The jersey given to the winner of the Tour de France. A brilliant film/book.

Polkadot Jersey: Awarded to the winner of the most King of the Mountain points. This would be a very good book or film, but not in the same class as one which scored a yellow jersey.

Green Jersey: The jersey awarded to the winner of the most sprint points at the tour. This is an entertaining book or film, but not in the same substance as the two grades above.

Lanterne Rouge: The Lanterne Rouge is known in cycling circles as he who finishes last place in the Tour de France. In this scoring system it will be given to a book or film that misses the mark completely.



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